random chooser, options picker, decision helper


decidre - a decision helper

You have to make a decision, but you can't decide? ​​You ​have several ​options, but don't know which one​ ​to ​choose? Then decidre is your friend. decidre h​​elps you out of this dilemma and decides for you. Or at least inspires you.

decidre - a random generator

The principle is very easy: You list the options and ​a random generator ​​picks one of them. You can even change the ​odds and make options more likely than others. For experts: ​The result is selected ​based on a linear probability model.

decidre - the simple​ one

decidre is a simple solution for a simple task. You can focus on the question you have in mind, the possible answers and the one decidre picks. It's OK to repeat the process. If it helps you, everything is allowed.

decidre is also implemented in a simple way. There is no user account necessary and no data is stored. Just bookmark the URL of your random generator if you want to reuse it later.

decidre - the fortune engine

Nowadays we have to decide so many things. Shopping, ​​​travelling, leisure time... Even those nice activities bring so many options with them. It's OK to ask for help. If your stomach has no answer, decidre will.